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Virtual Learning

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What is Moodle?
Rosemont uses Moodle software to host an online learning environment for students. Our virtual learning environment is a new academic resource at Rosemont. It simultaneously makes course material available while equipping students with an education in IT. It encourages enquiry, reflection and allows students to access primary sources.

Students can sign into the class Moodle forum and access handouts, presentations, quizzes, homework assignments and online discussion topics. Wide access to current and future class materials encourages discovery learning and autonomous study. Virtual learning reinforces learning that takes place in the classroom by allowing students to select the areas they want to explore more thoroughly.

Discussion forums allow students in both the junior and senior cycle to express their intellectual curiosity in a different setting - to ponder online and interact with each other on a reflective and thoughtful level.

Older students even create class materials by sharing their top work on Moodle. This allows students to pool resources, and works very well for students with similar learning styles.

Moodle gives students the ability to direct their own learning through a school-wide virtual environment. Virtual learning through Moodle software is becoming an important part of educational offerings at universities across Ireland, and Rosemont is pleased to be one of the innovative schools using the programme in everyday teaching.