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Rosemont's educational programme has been applauded by past and present parents alike, in addition to educational experts in the first, second and third levels.  We’ve included a selection of testimonials from parents and educational experts below.

Well-rounded education: academic success
Rosemont teachers are genuinely committed to the development of their students, supporting every student in reaching their full potential. They empower girls, taking it beyond just simple training but preparing them for further academic pursuits and life in general. Our daughter achieved academic success throughout her six years at Rosemont without undue stress or panic because Rosemont had prepared her well in advance. She has become a well-rounded individual, and takes responsibility for her study and for the work that she presents at school. It has become a very natural thing for her to do – not a chore. That puts her in a good position for not only sitting the Leaving Certificate, but also going on to university.

The school involves the family in a real sense. The family is continually in the loop with regards to all aspects of the child’s development and there are plenty of opportunities to meet and openly discuss a student’s progress.
George Clarke
Father of a past pupil

Developing motivation from within
The most important task of any educational system is to get the kids to know themselves at a deep level. Rosemont students develop this ability to self-reflect, which is by no means universal.  It has a huge affect on the students themselves, on their confidence and on their ability to evaluate themselves objectively.

When a student has insight into herself she’s then in the driver’s seat – she’s directing her own life and she’s taking responsibility for her own life.  This makes all the difference in the world.  She begins to take responsibility for her own studies and she becomes a self-mover.  She develops an intrinsic motivation, as opposed to extrinsic, where she may be motivated by parents or teachers.  She develops her own intrinsic driving force.

The skills and abilities Rosemont students develop will make a big difference for Rosemont students in future life.  When they proceed to the third level and well on, into their careers, they’ll have what is generally termed soft skills – that is being able to deal with people both with confidence, good manners and deep respect.  That also makes a colossal difference.
Sean McDermott
Rosemont’s Careers Advisor and educational psychologist 

Learning to take initiative
My daughter has learned to take initiative. She gets her work done because she has goals she wants to pursue, not simply because someone else is asking her to.

It sounds cliché to say the teachers are extremely dedicated, but they really are. They push the students hard, knowing enough about their strengths and interests to be effective motivators. They understand the girls and they encourage them. I’m very pleased with the school.
Gloria Navarrete
Mother of a transition year student

Students expressing themselves with confidence
I’m very impressed by the education my daughters are receiving. The school is very strong academically and the teachers work with all girls so they can achieve their top results. I think it’s obvious that the teachers and coaches are sincere in wanting the students to flourish. Parents can be as involved as they want to be and the school supports them in doing that.
Sean O’Flannagain
Father of 1st year and 6th year students