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Past Pupil Testimonies

“There’s a values system in Rosemont and within that system students are
encouraged to take an active role in their faith, to find out about their
faith and see how their faith can have a practical application to their daily lives.
The Catholic faith is taught in a very relevant manner and for me that had a
profound and lasting effect. I think particularly now people are more interested
in value based education. I had a wonderful experience with my coach and
particularly in 6th year I found her help very beneficial in choosing my career.
I had always wanted to study medicine. Unfortunately though I didn’t like the
sight of blood but she directed me towards law which was much more suited to
my character and personality”.
Una Cassidy. BL. Barrister-at Law

“I definitely learned to work autonomously while I was in Rosemont. I think it
is a skill that has stood to me now that I have gone onto University. I’m now
able to meet deadlines and to do the work on my own; motivate myself to do it,
which I think was a very important skill to learn at school and for my integration
into university. I also made great friends in Rosemont. We were a very close,
very supportive class. Even still we all stay in touch as much as we can”.
Marie Therese Landy. 4th year student
International Commerce, University College Dublin

“My education at Rosemont was formative to all aspects of the person - the
daughter, sister, friend and colleague - I am today. At Rosemont, we were
challenged to broaden our minds and to reach our potential not only
academically but in our relationships with others and our society. I found that the
debating training in particular enabled me to consider new ideas and to argue
persuasively and with good humour! Rosemont helped me to learn to think for
myself, to challenge the status quo, and to find constructive ways of dealing with
difficulties as they arise. I believe this education has greatly stood to me in
my studies and career path ever since”.
Sarah Clarke. BA. MSc Oxford University. Consultant,
United Nations

“The dedication of the staff to the education of pupils is one of the most
prominent features of Rosemont. This extends beyond the confines of the
narrow examination curriculum, to a real engagement with how best to bring
about students potential in a variety of ways. The coaching system is an
excellent point of reference for students and parents alike, helping the former
to set targets and achieve realistic goals, and the latter to keep themselves
informed about their daughter’s progress throughout secondary school. It is, in
a very real sense, a genuine application of the Christian ethos of the school.
Every student is encouraged to discover the paths open to her, as I found mine”.
Hilary Larkin, BA, MA, H Dip in Ed. PhD (Cantab).
Teacher of History, St Paul’s School, London

“I came from Ethiopia to prepare for the Leaving Certificate Examination in
2000. I was at Rosemont for a period of 2 years and believe that those two
years have helped me form solid moral principles, a desire to gain a deeper
understanding of my faith and to possess a strong work ethic. I would describe
my experience in Ireland as being quite challenging, having being separated
from my family for the first time and moved to a new country and culture.
I was greatly assisted by the family atmosphere at Rosemont and the warm
welcome I received from the staff and pupils. I remember being taken out
for a milkshake by my new classmates on my first day at school and how
comfortable and accepted I felt. I also benefited considerably from the
coaching sessions, which focused not only on my academic performance but
on my overall development as a person. I am now a practicing Family Law
solicitor in London and undertake several voluntary activities to give back
to the community”.
Tseday Hailu Yegebriel. BL. Family Law Solicitor

“I see my education at Rosemont as well-balanced, while teaching me to work
hard and focus. I felt after graduating I had developed the capacity to apply
myself to think independently and make decisions, all of which have served me
well at university and in my career. I value Rosemont’s unique ethos and the
fact that Rosemont’s education is rooted in the Catholic tradition. I already have
my young daughters’ names down for Rosemont”.
Joanna O’ Riordan. BA, MA, MBS. Research Officer,
Institute of Public Administration

“My memory of my time in Rosemont was that we were treated as individuals
and not as one class. I had my good points and bad points and through my
coach was helped with those specifically. We all were. When I was a studying
in UCD, fellow students were amazed at the number of people I knew who
were either heading up societies or well known in debating circles - the common
thread among all of us was we were past pupils of Rosemont. A very proud
moment for us all”.
Maeve MacEnri. B Comm (UCD). Human Resource Director for
Eastern and North Caribbean Digicel

“Well I don’t think I can thank Rosemont enough for what it did for me when
I was a pupil there myself and what it is now doing for Katie and hopefully for
my next daughter coming up. I am happy to do anything it takes to help with
the development of the new school in its new locality. I truly believe Rosemont’s
education is unique”.
Eilis Pollard. Print Executive