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Parent-Teacher Partnership

Rosemont's entire educational approach complements the parent's position as their child's most influential educator. Our teachers keep parents abreast of their children's strengths, challenges, progress and goals. Teachers and coaches solicit feedback and input from parents. They use that input to strengthen Rosemont's educational offering for each student, and establish a partnership with the student's family. In turn, teachers offer guidelines for parents on how to ensure their individual child's success.

Our approach falls in line with our founding intention to work with families for the student's benefit.

Partnership structure
Each student is designated an academic coach. Parents can arrange to meet with the coach once a term with regular opportunities to meet with subject teachers. This arrangement brings the parents in on their child’s goal setting, and allows them to have input on areas of critical focus. It also gives them the information they need to provide meaningful encouragement at home. Hear more about what Rosemont parents are saying about Rosemont's approach.