“You can't force commitment, what you can do... You nudge a little here, inspire a little there, and provide a role model.” Peter Senge

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Meet Our Teachers

Rosemont’s teaching staff is comprised of Ireland’s leading educators. They incorporate advanced teaching practices into their approach to education, and they know that the best way to teach their students to strive for more is to lead by example.

Rosemont staff development
Our teachers embrace lifelong learning. They attend regular workshops outside of school and within. The entire staff team recently invested a significant amount of time and effort furthering their computer skills and IT knowledge and familiarising themselves with our virtual learning software.

Rosemont supports teachers in setting and achieving personal career goals. In striving to achieve those goals, our teachers perform at their very best for the students. They also set a very positive example for students who are learning goal setting and ownership of learning.

Staff collaboration
Finally, at a department level teachers are encouraged to pool resources and work together to provide students with an education full of cross-curricular activities. At regular staff meetings teachers exchange recent experiences in implementing new advanced teaching practices to ensure best educational practices are employed where applicable throughout the school.


Meet Our Teachers

Principal: Maura Farrell
Deputy Principal: Margaret Kelly
Janet Dean
Margaret Byrne
Maeve Carolan
Máire Cassidy
Siobhán Grandison
Heather Hall
Therese Murphy
Bernie Nesbitt
Róisín Ní Lochlainn
Julia O'Malley
Cliona Somers
Aoife O'Malley
Lorraine Maher

Maura Farrell
Subjects: History
Education: MA, HDE, MSC in Educational Management

Ms Farrell has worked for many years in Rosemont as subject teacher, Deputy Principal and Principal. Much of her Educational Philosophy is predicated on the idea of values based education.Through the development of values, Ms Farrell believes young people are empowered to work towards change, both within themselves and as leaders in their communities. Ms Farrell continues to teach History in the school. She is passionate about her subject believing it to be one of the most all-encompassing subjects on the curriculum. She has also co-authored a History textbook for Transition Year students.

Margaret Kelly
Deputy Principal
Subjects: English
Education: BA, University College Dublin
H.Dip Ed., Trinity College, Dublin

Ms. Kelly’s English students learn to simultaneously think creatively while building skills to organise their thoughts in writing and express themselves clearly. She works hard to encourage all students to take up independent reading in addition to assigned. As Deputy Principal, Ms. Kelly participates in a national programme, Leadership Development for Schools established by the Department of Education. She has attended multiple seminars on leadership in education. As part of her ongoing effort to teach students to give back, she has organised social trips to Mexico, Poland and South America.

Janet Dean
Subjects: History, English, Religion and Civic, Social and Political Education.
Education: BA, University College Dublin, PGCE, University of Glasgow,
MA in History of International Relations, University College Dublin

Ms. Dean is a dedicated historian and continues to pursue ongoing research in her field. She founded and leads an annual educational trip to London where 5th year students learn to conduct their own historical research using primary sources. Ms. Dean has a strong IT background, having worked in software development before becoming a teacher. She has also gained international experience in education. While teaching in Glasgow she completed a research project on single-sex education versus co-ed, and the impact on learning and achievement.

Margaret Byrne
Subject: Home Economics
Education: BA Ed., Trinity College Dublin
Diploma in Home Economics, St. Catherine’s College Sion Hill

Ms. Byrne is passionate about food and creative handiwork. She communicates this passion to her students who explore foods and flavours from all over the globe in Ms. Byrne's Home Economics Room. Her students are familiar with standards of excellence, one of whom earned Ireland’s highest Leaving Certificate grade in Home Economics for that year. Her students have represented Rosemont in numerous cookery competitions over the years. She enthusiastically works with other subject teachers to build cross-curricular opportunities into Home Economics classes. A member of the ATHE, Ms. Byrne has attended numerous workshops and professional development in-services on home economics education.

Maeve Carolan
Subjects: Maths, Science, Biology, Ecology
Education: BSc, H.Dip Ed., University College Dublin

Ms. Carolan is dedicated to keeping up with the best practices in science education, and attends regular in-services. As Rosemont’s authority on Ecology, Ms. Carolan creates numerous opportunities for science students to conduct field research. She is always on the lookout for opportunities for students to attend science-based lectures at third-level institutions, or visit relevant exhibits. She is an active person who has walked a marathon in just six hours.

Máire Cassidy
Subjects: Irish, Geography, Religion
Education: BA in Irish and Geography, NUI Galway, PDE Trinity College Dublin, Bachelor in Civil Law, UCD, BL, King's Inns

Ms. Cassidy loves all things Irish, culture, music and language. She studied Irish in NUI Galway famed for its bi-lingual campus and its proximity to the Conemara Gaeltacht. She is an enthusiast of the Cumann Gaelach in Rosemont. Her background in law has given her a passion for Irish grammar. She has travelled around the globe working as a volunteer at a school and hospital in Europe and Central America.

Siobhán Grandison
Education: BA in Mathematics, NUI Maynooth, PGDE, NUI Galway

Ms. Grandison is passionate about Mathematics and encourages her students to think mathematically to solve problems. Ms. Grandison encourages students to see Maths outside the classroom and in the world around them when teaching. She likes to use real life situations to help students solve mathematical problems. Ms. Grandison uses games and technology to enhance student's interest in Maths.

Heather Hall
Subject: Art
Education: Degree in Graphic Design, Limerick School of Art and Design
H.Dip Ed., MA in Art and Design, National College of Art (UCD)

Ms. Hall has extensive experience in art education, having worked as a lecturer at the National College of Art’s Faculty of Education before coming to Rosemont. She has worked as a student teacher supervisor, and has served as an educational examiner for Dublin City University. She strongly believes that art has a vital place in education and is essential in the development of lateral thinking and creativity. Before beginning her career as a teacher Ms. Hall worked as an art director with a leading advertising firm.

Therese Murphy
English, French, Religion, SPHE
Education: BA from UCD, Baccalaureate in Theology from the Pontifical University of The Holy Cross, Rome, Italy

A fully bi-lingual teacher, Ms. Murphy is an excellent resource for students working to develop fluency. She has two degrees and has lived abroad for periods both in France and Italy. She has a keen interest in technology and the use of new technologies in the classroom. She gives regular workshops and seminars to Rosemont staff upskilling on Rosemont's Virtual Learning System, Moodle. As an experienced member of staff she brings a breath of experience to her classroom. Ms. Murphy's personal interest in philosophy enables her to bring her students to acquire a deeper appreciation of English literature. She has given numerous workshops in philosophy at third level. Ms. Murphy has also studied EFL and acquired experience teaching English as a foreign language.

Bernie Nesbitt
Subjects: Chemistry, Maths and Science
Education: BSc, NUI Galway, MSc University College Dublin, H.Dip.Ed, Univeristy College Dublin

Ms. Nesbitt has extensive laboratory experience as a research and development scientist, having completed her Masters by research. She is dedicated to eliciting high levels of classroom performance from each student while still maintaining an investigative approach to her teaching. She has a passion for Science and Maths and as a member of ISTA and IMTA is actively committed to keeping abreast with new developments in her field. She brings Science alive for her students who are regular participants in the RDS McWilliams Young Scientist Writers Competitions and W5.

Róisín Ní Lochlainn
Irish and History
Education: BA, UCD, MA, NUI Maynooth

Ms. Ní Lochlainn is passionate about all things Irish. She communicates this passion to her students through fully immersing them in the Irish language, music and culture in her classes. Ms. Ní Lochlainn has studied Irish from a very young age having attended a gaelscoil. She is very eager to promote Irish within her class and within the school and has recently completed a thesis based on teenage literature in Irish.

Julia O’Malley
Member of Management
Subjects: Spanish and French
Education: BA Honours International, National University of Galway and University of Salamanca, Spain
H.Dip Ed., Trinity College, MA Second Language Acquisition, UCD

A tri-lingual language enthusiast, Ms. O'Malley is credited with authoring recently published Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Revision books for Spanish. She has acted as an examiner for the State Exams Commission for the Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate at both Ordinary and Higher level Spanish a number of times. She is an active committee member of the Spanish Teachers Association, and takes part in regular ongoing professional development. She has just completed an MA in Second Language Acquisition at University College Dublin and has attended an international Spanish-teaching course in Spain, on scholarship from the Spanish Embassy, and a French-teaching course at the University of Liege in Belgium. She enjoys travel and has visited a list of countries spanning the globe.

Cliona Somers
Subjects: Religion, Irish and SPHE
Education: BA.Th. NUIM, MA.Th. NUIM. H.Dip.Ed. TCD

Ms Somers likes to see her career as educating students, rather than teaching subjects. In attending primarily to the student, she notices significant progress in her student's ability to grasp, the often difficult concepts, of her subject area. She believes in making a positive connection with her students in order to make their learning experience enjoyable as well as academic. Having a background in both sports and music she brings another dimension to her teaching range and uses this to foster a positive environment both in the class room and in the school as a whole. 

Aoife O'Malley
Subjects: PE
Education: BSc Sports Science Degree; Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, London and Graduate Diploma in Education (Physical Education).

Ms O’Malley is a true believer that there is something for everyone when it comes to physical education. This strong belief has allowed her to develop a love and enthusiasm for sport and encourage young people to take part in physical activity both inside and outside the classroom. Ms O’Malley is very much a team player: she believes "Together Everyone Achieves More". This inspires her work in the classroom and she also works towards the girls taking ownership of their own learning. Her own sporting career includes numerous achievements. She has won All Ireland Basketball titles and has represented her local club at national level and tournaments. She hopes to pass on this expertise and experience to the girls here at Rosemont.

Lorraine Maher
: Music
Education: BA in Music, NUI Maynooth PGDE U.L.

Ms. Maher has studied and practised music from a very young age in choirs, theatre and drama. She was a member of the Maynooth Chamber Choir and was chosen as a vocalist for the Maynooth chant group 'Schola Gregoriana' and travelled to Hungary in 2010 where she performed at the International Chant Festival. Ms. Maher is a trained singer and has completed her Royal Irish Academy of Music grades in voice and piano. She is also a trained musical conductor. Having a combination of performing, composing and listening in each of her music lessons is key for Ms Maher. Her newest venture with the school is being conductor and leader of the Rosemont School Choir, where they will perform at all school events and Masses