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International Exchange Opportunities for Rosemont Students

Over the years Rosemont has cultivated relationships with educational partners across the world, and welcomed students from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, South Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.   

As part of an international network of schools with similar foundations, Rosemont can draw on our schools abroad as partners in a similar approach to education, and resources.  This facilitates outward mobility so that students can spend a period abroad in a similar environment should they so wish.

Rosemont’s local students also have the opportunity to develop an international outlook by drawing on the experiences of our international students. International students are encouraged to make their own unique contribution to lessons and modules and in doing so help to internationalise the curriculum and assist all in acquiring global competences.  

Families too can enjoy an enriching experience international students attending Rosemont are hosted with families whose daughters are attending the school, or who are linked to the school. The partnership with the families ensures that the experience is an enriching one for both families and students.

Incoming International students

Rosemont’s international programme possesses an excellent, worldwide reputation for maintaining high academic standards for students from abroad, while welcoming them fully into the school community.

Highly-organised and carefully developed through decades of experience hosting international students, the programme attracts students from around the world. 

Learn more about Rosemont’s international programme on the Rosemont Global Website 

Rosemont School’s international network:

United States

Montrose School   

Oakcrest School 


Tangara School for Girls   


Collegio Orvalle  

Colegio Senara