Student Life

“The last of the human freedoms is to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances” Viktor E. Frankl

Have Us Call You

A Day in the Life

Emma is a character who represents a composite of our many outstanding students. The below narrative follows a typical day-in-the-life at Rosemont for a transition year student.

7:30 am - Emma's day as a student at Rosemont Secondary School for Girls begins with a bright and early start. After breakfast and getting into uniform she heads off to catch the school bus.

8 am - Rosemont's bus picks Emma up at her stop in Rathfarnham and she's off to school. The bus journey is actually an enjoyable start to the day, Emma says. It gives her a chance to chat with friends, and mentally prepare for the day as part of Rosemont's transition year class.

8:40 am - Arriving at school Emma heads up to her classroom where she and her fellow bus-mates get a cheerful greeting from the other girls in their class who have already arrived.

9:00 am - School begins and today Emma's first class is English. She and her classmates sit down to discuss comparative female voices in Chinese and African-American literature.

9:40 am - Next the class breaks into pairs for Irish, and the girls begin putting their knowledge into practice by speaking with each other. The Irish teacher listens in closely to see how Emma pronounces certain words, and encourages her to use a broad vocabulary for expressing herself. After an oral warm-up Emma joins her film group and resumes work on a script for an Irish video which they'll present to their parents at the end of the year.

10:20 am - Maths is next, and today the class is studying logic puzzles. Emma has to ask the teacher for help on one tricky question - see if you can solve the puzzle (PDF).

11:00 am - It's time for morning break now and Emma grabs her snack and chats with her friends. They chat a bit about what they have planned for their afternoon trip to the Alzheimer's home.

11:15 am - Assembly

11:25 am - Class resumes in the science lab where Emma has to prepare a microscope slide of an organism she collected on her Ecology trip yesterday. The class is excited to get out the school's new microscopes and get to work. They've all got to be able to spot the differences between a plant cell and an animal cell.

12:05 pm - Next up is World Studies. Each class students learn about world issues related to development. Emma is keen to hear more about today's topic, the fair trade industry. The class discusses fair trade's impact on third world countries. Having started on this subject last week, Emma and her classmates have already begun to think more about who makes the items they buy and the clothes they wear. A healthy discussion springs up in class, and is ended with the sound of the lunch bell.

12:35 pm - Lunch today happens to be a special school-wide event. Another year has organised an all French-speaking pizza lunch. Emma and her friends have fun at lunch, joking in French with the teachers and other students.

1:20 pm - After lunch the class splits into two groups. Emma's group is expected at the Alzheimer's home for their weekly social work. They arrive about 30 minutes before the end of visiting hours. Some patients don't have family or friends to visit with, so Emma feels good about inviting one woman without visitors out for a walk and a breath of fresh air.
Later on the girls begin activities with the residents and try to get to know different patients. "It's a chance to meet some different people with life experience," says Emma. "At first we weren't too keen on it, we weren't sure what we would have to do, but now we look forward to it. We feel good when we leave, glad that we've done something to brighten someone else's day."

3:40 pm - Back from her social work Emma packs up her books, the girls tidy up their classroom and head off to catch the bus.

3:50 pm - On the bus Emma sits next to one of her group members from Irish class. They socialise and chat a bit about the video they're making until they arrive at Emma's stop.

4:30 pm - Emma arrives home to spend some time with her family. After dinner she plans to finish her daily homework. She has about 90 minutes to do today.